Jumbocube worlds

Both Jumbo cubes

Jumbo Cubes are the larger versions of the regular Cubes. They have much more animations than their smaller counterparts. Block Bash Welcome to the main event! Whether it's the circus, a sporting event, or a concert, Block Bash is the hottest ticket in town. Now stick people have a hang out where they can all stick together! Who knows what will happen next? Cube World™ Block Bash features a large display, funny animations, and more games. The more you stick and stack, the more they'll interact! Global Get-A-Way “Are we there yet?” Take a vacation to all corners of the cube with Global Get-A-Way! Simply stick and stack your cubes together, and your stick people will jump into a bizarre world of fun! From the beach to the mountains to a theme park, you never know what surprises or mishaps will happen next. Cube World™ Global Get-A-Way features a larger display, funny animations, and more games. Get connected, and expect the unexpected! There are two Jumbo Cubes: Block Bash, and Global Getaway.