Jumbo Cubes are the larger versions of the regular Cubes. They have much more animations than their smaller counterparts. Block Bash Welcome to the main event! Whether it's the circus, a sporting event, or a concert, Block Bash is the hottest ticket in town. Now stick people have a hang out where they can all stick together! Who knows what will happen next? Cube World™ Block Bash features a large display, funny animations, and more games. The more you stick and stack, the more they'll interact! Global Get-A-Way “Are we there yet?” Take a vacation to all corners of the cube with Global Get-A-Way! Simply stick and stack your cubes together, and your stick people will jump into a bizarre world of fun! From the beach to the mountains to a theme park, you never know what surprises or mishaps will happen next. Cube World™ Global Get-A-Way features a larger display, funny animations, and more games. Get connected, and expect the unexpected!There are two Jumbo Cubes: Block Bash, and Global Getaway.

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